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Biomechanical Services recommends courses listed here for health care professionals wanting to continue their development of techniques in managing foot related dysfunction. Attendees will gain greater knowledge of both foot biomechanics, related functional mechanisms above the foot and understanding of the benefits from integrating orthotic therapy with other theraputic modalities and regimens.

Clinical In-Services
Would you and your colleagues like to learn first hand more about applying foot orthoses and related components? Biomechanical Services can arrange for instructional presentations in your clinic for newly involved clinicians and accomplished orthotic therapy providers. Any variety of instruction can be arranged, from a one hour in-service to contracted three day courses. Please inquire at 800-942-2272, speak to Greg, or Chellie, or you can email your inquiry to:

The Foot's Connected Too... is a 2-Day basic level course on fundamental assessment protocols and treatment regimens for managing patients with foot pain and foot related dysfunction throughout the kinetic chain. After taking this course participants will be able to:

Grinders & Glue 2, 3, 4 is a 2-Day clinincal course developed to improve your knowledge and application skills for foot orthotic therapy. Effective procedures for evaluating dysfunctional feet, ordering foot orthoses, managing the orthotic patient and trouble shooting orthotic devices are presented. Course participants should have taken a basic foot course, have a basic understanding of biomechanical foot function or have clinical experiencce in foot orthotic applications prior to taking this course. Learn more

Grinders & Glue is a 2-Day practical course intended to help improve your knowledge, application, design and fabrication skills needed for treating patients with effective foot orthoses. Course participants should have taken a basic course or have a basic understanding of foot anatomy, biomechanical terminology and biomechanical assessment of the lower extremity prior to taking this seminar. Learn more

"Walk This Way" is a 1-Day practical experience to engage or improve application skills of any physical medicine clinician who supplies or would like to provide effective prefabricated or direct molded to the foot inserts in their patient’s shoes. The role and application of various prefabricated shoe inserts (temporary & durable) on lower extremity biomechanics is described and discussed. What to apply, how to apply and alter various material combinations, contours and components used for redirecting foot posture in gait are demonstrated and actually applied by participants in a laboratory setting. Attendees will work directly on the selection, fabrication and modification of inserts, post/angling materials, pads and top covers used to alter foot posture and function in over ground walking gait.. Learn more

When the Feet Hit the Ground...Everything Changes This newly updated 2-day lab-based course is designed to teach basic foot and ankle biomechanics and determine how those relationships affect lower extremity function from the great toe to the spine. The course blends lecture sessions with extensive hands-on lab time, allowing participants to benefit from direct interaction with accomplished clinical practitioners to better understand the skills that are presented. You will learn how to identify and treat foot pathologies and develop insight to how altering foot mechanics can create positive effects up and down the lower extremity chain. The research-based treatment principles will include shoe recommendation, taping, exercise, prefabricated and custom foot orthosis (orthotic) prescription. You will learn practical skills for immediate application in your practice. Learn more

Brian Hoke's Advanced Level Biomechanics Course of the Foot and Ankle is a two-day seminar is designed to provide an expanded approach to clinical problem solving by understanding lower extremity biomechanics and applying these principles to improve structural alignment and function. The course content builds upon basic principles to give the clinician new tools and perspectives on management of common clinical problems.  The course covers running biomechanics and injuries, manual therapy, biomechanical examination, video analysis, shoe prescription, conservative and post-operative treatment protocols, and foot orthotics.  The lecture content is reinforced by demonstration and “hands on” lab sessions throughout the course.  Learn more

Functional Relationships of the Lower Half Designed to give you an understanding of lower half functional relationships, in order to accurately assess and treat common syndromes and dysfunctions. Learn more

Orthotic Reaction Instruction on Combining Management of Biomechanical Foot Function with Sensory Motor Tuning. Learn more

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