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Clinician FAQs | Patient FAQs

Clinician FAQs

Can my order be rushed?
Simply writing “rush” on an order will not result in special handling in the laboratory, beyond processing it in sequence with orders received during any particular calendar week.

Dated requests for return orders are given our highest priority. This allows us to better schedule fabrication processes according to available technical staff, with attention to calendar constraints. Scheduled rush requests impact our limited capacity for regular production processing by displacing orders already in fabrication.

Our fees for dated rushes have increased in response to rising numbers of challenges to our production schedule by patients needing special consideration.

Scheduled requests for three day rushes will include an additional $15.00 fee, two day rushes a $25.00 fee and one day rushes a $40.00 fee. All requests for dated rushes are processed on a space available basis. Orders unavailable for expedited shipment on scheduled dates will be billed according to actual production days required to complete an order, with the ordering practitioner notified of any discrepancy.

Patients requiring special consideration, but unwilling to afford the additional expense, could benefit from temporary pre-fabricated or direct molded devices. This may help provide relief while they wait for a more durable solution to arrive.

Maintaining a satisfactory production schedule is our highest priority! Increased numbers of incoming orders result in hiring and training technicians as quickly as possible. Expanding our staff to meet the needs of our customers is a regular part of our operation.

How long do you keep my casts?
Biomechanical Services holds onto casts for four months from the invoice date. This corresponds to the four month warranty period included with each new pair of orthotics.

What if I want my casts held longer?
If you would like Biomechanical Services to hold onto a pair of casts longer than four months you should enroll in our extended warranty program. Our extended warranty provides you with an additional two years of cast storage at our laboratory.

Can I have my casts returned to me?
Yes. You may request, when placing your order, that your casts be sent to you along with your orthotic devices. If you request your casts after your devices have shipped there is a $10 shipping charge to have casts returned to you.

Is it best to order one or two pair of orthotics?
Because our orthotics are custom made to fit your patients foot and accommodate the shoes they will be wearing, it is best to have at least two pair, one for higher volume shoes such as most athletic shoes and another pair for dress shoes for example.

Do I get a discount for ordering a second pair?
We do not offer a discount on a second pairs of orthotic devices.

The device is too large for my shoe?
Orthotic devices are trimmed according to standardized reference marks on the actual foot model and matched to a sizing stencil, according to declared shoe size. This allows you to trim the cover of the orthotic to fit exactly the shape of the shoe in which you will be wearing the device. Sending a shoe or sock liner out of a shoe along with the initial order will insure an accurate fit. Biomechanical Services can trim the device for you after you’ve received it, but shipping charges for returning the orthotics to you are applied on outbound repair orders.

Will phone consultations delay my order?
Yes. If you prefer to speak with us regarding an order, that order will not be processed until after our consultation with you. You can expect delivery approximately one week after a phone consultation takes place.

Can you mail devices directly to my patient?
Yes. We will be happy to ship orthotic devices directly to your patient if you can provide us with a street address. We are not able to ship orders to P.O. Boxes.

Patient FAQs

Can I send in my own orthotics to be refurbished?
Because we do not work directly with the patient, you will need to contact the clinician who dispensed the devices to you and have them request refurbishing.

Can I come to your facility to be casted?
Biomechanical Services does not treat patients. A qualified clinician would need to cast you.

Can you refer me to a doctor that prescribes your orthotic devices?
Yes. Please call us and we will be happy to refer you to a physician in your area that is familiar with our company’s products and services.

What kind of sandals can be modified?
Sandals suitable for modifying and orthotic applications are any cork constructed mid-sole sandal where the entire foot bed, from heel to toe, can be exposed.

Do you offer different top cover choices?
Yes. We have pictures and descriptions of all our top covers on our web site. Remember that not all top covers are suitable to every application.

Can I wash my devices?
Orthotics can be washed with a damp cloth. Because the glue bond is not waterproof, orthotic appliances should not be submersed in water. If somehow you soak the devices during everyday activities, they should be dried out as soon as possible before wearing them again.

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