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Two & Half Days of Instruction on
Combining Management of Biomechanical Foot Function
with Sensory Motor Tuning

Basic Foot Types
Locomotor Biomechanics
Foot and Ankle Biomechanics (axes, planes, and chains)
The Gait Cycle: Triplane Motion of the Kinetic Chain
Gait and Muscle Function
Gait Appreciation: Cheating the Planes
Foot Evaluation
Kinetic Chain Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Positioning
Designing and Prescribing Functional Foot Orthoses
Plaster Impression Casting
Orthotic Design
Shoes: Fitting the Orthotic to the Shoe
Shoe Types: Motion Control, Stability, Cushioned
Orthotic Fitting / Troubleshooting
Functional Testing: The Lower Extremity Functional Profile

For Information on Scheduling a Seminar
Contact: Michael Kane, MPT

Pro-Motion Physical Therapy
2006 W. Lincoln Blvd. Ste. A
Yakima, WA

Phone/Fax: (509) 573-4816/4825



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