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BIOMECHANICAL Services, Inc. offers the PRO-WEDGE-IT™ system as a versatile evaluation/ rehabilitation tool. PRO-WEDGE-IT™ provides a unique forefoot/rearfoot plate system which enables the practitioner to evaluate patients in full weight bearing position. It gives you, the practitioner the capability to dynamically change rear/forefoot angles independently, while obtaining measured values.
Clinicians immediately see what changing frontal plane positions in the foot will do to both component and integrated motions throughout the lower half of the body.
Afferent deficits and postural malalignments are easily exposed and retrained as foot position changes during functional testing and rehabilitation.
Patients feel immediate feed back and better understand the impact of foot posture changes.
Patients feel the difference in mobility, stability and what is often described as an “easier to move” sensation. They will freely report decrease in pain during movement and let you know which foot postures feel better.
HELP your patients overcome afferent deficits by changing foot position for prescribed movements.
performance during closed chain exercise
postural alignment of lower limb to ensure proper load distribution.
Augment ability of muscles and joints to decelerate and reverse motions

Simplify posting strategies by translating plate angles on the PRO-WEDGE-IT™. Improve yours and the patient's confidence in those postings selected, knowing the patient performed and felt best at a specific angle.

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