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FAQ's about Ordering

Is it best to order one or two pair of orthotics? Because our orthotics are custom made to fit your patients foot and accommodate the shoes they will be wearing, it is best to have at least two pair, one for higher volume shoes such as most athletic shoes and another pair for dress shoes for example.

Do I get a discount for ordering a second pair? We do not offer a discount on a second pairs of orthotic devices.

Will phone consultations delay my order? Yes. If you prefer to speak with us regarding an order, that order will not be processed until after our consultation with you. You can expect delivery approximately one week after a phone consultation takes place.

How to Place an Order

Custom Orthoses

Initiating an order for custom orthoses begins with impression molds of your patient’s feet. A video presentation showing how to make plaster impression molds used by our laboratory to fabricate orthoses is available from Biomechanical Services. Cartons to ship impression molds are also available by calling the laboratory, along with prescription order (Rx) cards.

Filling out a preprinted prescription order card is the most convenient way to convey instructions and/or evaluation findings. Rx Cards are available on request or can be printed off this web site.

Your name should be included on every order card, along with a clinic name when applicable. Complete information about your clinic and patient on an Rx Card will ensure accurate processing.

One Rx Card is used per patient, although multiple pairs of orthotics may be ordered on one Rx Card.

Send fabrication instructions and/or biomechanical examination findings on each patient in the shipping carton, together with the impression molds.

Shoes, insoles, diagrams or tracings to illustrate sizing for completed orthotic devices is recommended. It is best if these items are placed in the same shipping carton used to send the molds.

Put your address somewhere on the box, preferably in the section provided on the pre-printed shipping cartons.

Orders for custom orthoses are usually processed and shipped in four days.

If you are using United States postal Service (USPS) to mail your order, any mail carrier will take our cartons with “No Postage Required” preprinted on the box. You can print a USPS label addressed to the laboratory here: USPS Label

FedEx shipping documents with your addess and the laboratory address preprinted are available from Biomechanical Services. Air service shipments are scheduled by calling FedEx directly at (800) 463-3339 and requesting a pick up.

Wedge-It, Pro-Wedge-It

Wedge-It and Pro-Wedge-It orders can be initiated by calling the laboratory and speaking with someone in customer service, or by filling out and emailing an order form from this web site. Orders for Wedge-Its and Pro-Wedge-Its will usually ship within one week, as will any accompanying accessories ordered to assist in conducting balance/stability assessments. Shipping and handling charges are applied to each order.

Wedge-It and Pro-Wedge-It orders are shipped using UPS ground service, unless otherwise directed..


Pre-Fabricated devices are ordered by shoe size. Order forms with U.S. to European are available by calling the laboratory or from this web site. PreFab orders will usually ship within one week.

Shipping and handling charges are applied to each order. Orders are shipped using UPS ground service, unless otherwise directed.

Supplies and Materials

Supply requests for boxes, Rx cards or other forms such as in office brochures are usually processed within two days. Forms and boxes are available by calling the laboratory or can be filled out and emailed from this web site.

Material orders such as crepe posting strips or angle finders can be initiated by calling the laboratory or by filling out and emailing a form from this web site. These orders are processed according to availability and shipped using UPS ground service, unless otherwise directed. Shipping and handling charges are applied to each order.

Custom Copy

Plaster molds of existing orthotic devices can be made off almost any appliance put into a pair of shoes. This technique is a good way to duplicate a pair of devices that are comfortable or specific contours that a patient finds comfortable. Custom Copy devices are billed at our regular rate for new orthotic devices.

There is not a charge for the Custom Copy process, although the original pair will likely be stripped down to expose shell contours. There would be charges for additions or other modifications to the original pair, were it refurbished for future use.

If an orthotic shell is cracked or broken, often a plaster custom copy of it can be formed to use in fabricating another pair of devices. Our laboratory technicians will assess each case for possible replacement services.


Payment Options

Biomechanical Services makes several payment options available to our customers. The primary method for licensed healthcare providers is to establish a credit account. Accounts are initiated after completing our Customer Credit Profile form and returning it to the laboratory.

30 Day Net

Invoices opened on credit accounts are billed at the time of shipment and are due within thirty-days of the invoice date. A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed on all invoices unpaid after 30 days.

Statements are sent as a courtesy to our customers. It is common for an invoice to be near or actually past due, if it was billed at the beginning of a month and the statement arrives in the second week of a month.

Credit Cards

Biomechanical Services will process credit card payments for open invoices. We accept Visa ®, Master Card ® and American Express ® cards. Credits card transactions may be used for paying invoices at the time of shipment or anytime after an invoice is opened.

A credit card transaction form must be filled out before transactions are completed. Credit cards may be used for regularly scheduled transactions on customer accounts or for individual orders.


Prepayments for orders may be processed at the time of shipment. The usual method is to send a check with an incoming order. The check should be made out for an estimated amount more than the actual invoice amount. Prepayments will be processed during fabrication. An invoice with zero balance due will be sent with the order.

If you are unsure of an amount for prepayment, contact Customer Service at the laboratory for help in determining an appropriate amount.

Biomechanical Services will issue a check for any amount over the invoiced amount, to the person whose name is on the check of the prepayment. Return checks for the difference between invoices and prepayment amounts are sent with outbound orders.


About Sales Tax

Custom orthotic devices dispensed by a licensed health care provider are non-taxable in the State of California. However, prefabricated insoles are taxable. Biomechanical Services charges sales tax to customers in California for prefabricated devices as well other billable materials and supplies used in evaluating or treating patients.

Items such as the Pro-Wedge-It ® and Balance Sandals are subject to sales tax in California.

Customers outside of California are not taxed for items shipped to them out of state. If on a visit to our laboratory from out of state, you purchase any materials or supplies, they are subject to California sales tax.

All sales tax is charged corresponding to the current rate for Orange County, California.

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