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Integrated Knowledge

Biomechanical Services Provides information to assist you in gaining integrated knowledge of foot biomechanics and orthotic therapy.

A greater understanding of the many options available in the selection, fabrication, and application of prescriptive foot orthoses will improve specificity in therapy, making beneficial outcomes easier to achieve.

Topics here will range from general techniques and applications, to detailed utilization of certain components. Check back regularly to see additional topics posted in the future.

The Foot's Connected Too... Neutral position plaster slipper casting instructional booklet and video. Learn more

Billing for Orthotic Therapy Billing for orthotic therapy is as diverse a process as any in clinical health care. There are not recognized evaluation procedures, definitions or applications for the modality, let alone adequate published validation for its efficacy. Adding insult to aggravation, third party payers do not adequately differentiate custom orthotic devices from other “supportive” devices, be they custom, customized, prefabricated, sized to imprint, fit to size, direct or indirect thermo-molded. Learn more

Foam Utilization in Orthotic Therapy Foam materials are a regular part of orthotic device composition and soft tissue supplementation. While firmer materials are used to contour to the plantar foot surface, providing less aggressive restraint to foot motions, flexible/compressible foams are routinely added as soft tissue supplementation on foot orthoses. Learn more

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