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Pediatric Program for Orthotic Therapy

At Biomechanical Services we understand the way children spurts. There may be a predetermined timeline for when children outgrow their shoes, but we haven’t found one yet. It’s not unusual for children to outgrow shoes in a matter of a few months, sometimes by two sizes.

Children who need extended orthotic therapy are likely to need three or more pairs of devices over the course of their growing years. Children are also more aggressive on their feet than adults, which means their orthotics may need to be replaced more often.

We have come up with a cost effective answer to this problem for parents. Biomechanical Services offers a Pediatric Program for Orthotic Therapy.

This plan offers three or five pairs of foot orthoses at a prepaid, reduced cost.

Coverage Options:

Plan A - Consists of three (3) pairs of prepaid orthotic devices. This plan is recommended for children ages 9-12.

Plan B - Consists of five (5) pairs of prepaid orthotic devices. This plan is recommended for children ages 5-8.

Terms of the Program:

- Coverage begins when Biomechanical Services receives full payment for the plan.
- Certificates are issued with the enrolled child’s name, for redemption on future reorders.
- New negative cast impressions (molds of the child's feet) must be sent with all orders.
- All reorders must be requested through the child's physician or other qualified health care provider.
Biomechanical Services will not accept reorders directly from patients or their parents.
- Patients may enroll before their 13th birthday. All certificates must be redeemed before their 18th birthday.
- Plan does not cover professional fees for examinations, rechecks, new cast impressions or orthotic dispensing.

*Contact Biomechanical Services at (800) 942-2272 or E-Mail to for more information and to register for this program.

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