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One Day of Instruction on
Clinical Management of Foot Related Disorders
Using In-Office Shoe Insert Applications and Orthotic Techniques©

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Walnut, CA

"Walk This Way" is a one day practical experience for physical medicine clinicians. Practitioners who would like to provide more effective prefabricated or direct molded-to-the-foot inserts in their patient's shoes would benefit from this course. You will improve your application skills by integrating observational gait parameters when selecting and modifying shoe inlays. The role and application of various prefabricated shoe inserts (temporary & durable) on lower extremity biomechanics is described, discussed and experienced. What to apply, how to apply, alter various contours, components and material combinations are shown and practiced by participants. Attendees also get direct hands on guidance in selecting, fabricating and modifying direct molded-to-the-foot inserts, used to promote more comfortable gait and efficient foot posture for your patients.

8:00am - 6:00pm

- Lab Orientation - Materials, Equipment & Safety
- Evaluation Findings that Differentiate Critical Decision Making Choices:
  Patient evaluation findings that influence critical decision making choices for selecting device type, materials selection, component applications, posting strategies when applying prefabricated or direct molded inlays to shoes.

                         Break:  10 min.

- Differentiating Clinically Significant Kinetic & Kinematic Foot Events using Over Ground Gait and Video Capture Observations - Lecture/Demonstration

- Kinetic & Kinematic Gait Observations – LAB

                        Break:  10 min.

- Prefabricated Foot Device Selection - Lecture/Demonstration
                   Selecting Inlays, Shell Contours, Trim Differences, Posting Angles,
                   Alternate Post Compositions, Top Cover Selections,
                   Pad Configurations and other Soft Tissue Supplements

LUNCH 45 Minutes           

- Prefabricated Foot Device Applications:
                   Posting & Fill In's to Plantar Side - LAB

                                Break 15 min.

- Prefabricated Foot Device Applications:
                   Pads and Coverings to Dorsal Side - LAB

                                Break 15 min.

- Review of Biomechanical Foot Orthosis Applications:
                   Determining  When to Select More Controlling Devices/Components

- Trouble Shooting. Case Histories



Steve Reischl, PT, DPT, OCS
Steve is a principle and practicing Physical Therapist at Reischl Physical Therapy in Long Beach, California, specializing in foot related disorders. He was adjunct professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California for twenty-three years, where he contributed to development of foot related curriculum and authored research articles on biomechanics of foot related disorders. Steve regularly speaks to various professional  associations and special interest groups throughout the country on how to evaluate and treat foot related pathologies.

Greg Wolfe, C.Ped., BOCPD
Greg is President at Biomechanical Services Inc. He has taught how the foot interacts with lower half function to various physical medicine professionals for over thirty-five years. Greg has authored, assisted in the development of content and taught several courses on foot function and foot orthoses, such as: "The Foot's Connected Too..., "Grinders & Glue", "Grinders & Glue 2,3,4" and "When the Feet the Ground...Everything Changes". Greg is a frequent guest lecturer at several physical therapy schools throughout Southern California.

$225 Enrollment Fee
7.75 CE Units - CPTA

To enroll, contact: Chellie Haga

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Fax: (909) 595-8742

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