Ultra Flex
Patient Profile - The Ultra Flex is available for all ages, but recommended for adults. Fashion conscious patients who want to wear very low volume shoes, or any other shoe with low heel contours will appreciate this device. This device is best for patients weighing 90-170 lbs.
Foot Type - The Ultra Flex is designed for high, medium, or low arch feet with normal to restricted subtalar joint motion. Its capabilities are restricted to a normal midtarsal with semi-rigid or normal first ray.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Ultra Flex is characterized by a shallow heelseat and narrow forefoot, and its very flexible, un-posted shell that provides limited midtarsal support. This device is recommended for patients wearing low profile shoes that need plantar distribution of the contact surface area, and padding for metatarsal heads.
  • Shell: 2mm Subortholene™
  • Posting: Not available
  • Covers: Vinyl/1/16" Poron™