T.M.C. (Thermo-Molded Composite)
Patient Profile - This device is designed for pre-adolescent to retirement-age patients, weighing 70-225 lbs. It is best used for moderate activities, and is made for low to moderate volume shoes.
Foot Type - The T.M.C. should be used on very low to moderately high arch feet with a very loose to normal range of motion. Excessive rearfoot compensation, forefoot mobility, and first ray hypermobility due to anatomical malalignment or ligamentous laxity, will benefit from this device.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The rigid shell on the T.M.C. and its high density rear foot posting provides significant subtalar control. With this device intrinsic forefoot posting is most effective. The T.M.C. is the most controlling device available.
  • Shell: Woven fiberglass/Thermo-active acrylic resin
  • Posting: A high-density black crepe rearfoot post is standard
  • Covers: Vinyl