Patient Profile - The Soccer is designed for players who appreciate a close contouring fit. Increased contact surface area under the foot stabilizes the rearfoot and mid-foot, which influences knee alignment during rapid deceleration.
Foot Type - Low arch and forefoot varus feet are best for this device. Loose feet or feet with excessive ranges of motion also respond well. Any foot that excessively compensates in the rearfoot during normal walking or is a poor shock attenuator will find the Soccer device most helpful.
Biomechanical Characteristics - Much like jumping athletes, soccer players are either up on the balls of their feet or involved in rapid deceleration, and therefore will enjoy the increased flexibility of the Soccer device. The medium density crepe under a thin shell is durable enough to hod up to aggressive activity levels, yet forgiving enough to aid in shock absorption. Polyfoam top covers mold to the foot and provide a nonskid surface, even in wet conditions.
  • Shell: Co-polymer/crepe
  • Posting: Medium-density crepe with RF post
  • Covers: 1/16" Poron™/polyfoam