Patient Profile - Skiers appreciate the firm, close contouring fit of this device. Increased contact surface area under foot stabilizes the midtarsal joint, which influences knee alignment, an important factor in skiing. While skiers will enjoy the Plastazote™ molding to their feet, it also provides additional insulation.
Foot Type - Forefoot varus or valgus feet are best for this device. Feet with compensatory ranges of motion in the midtarsal joint on standing also respond well to the Ski. The ability to control motion and reposition a foot in the boot means less fitting time in the ski shop and more comfortable ski time on the slopes.
Biomechanical Characteristics -The Ski provides corrective posturing of the foot in a ski boot, which then ensures efficient force transfer while the ski is on an inside edge, a critical position in skiing. Applied to this device is a conventional posting angle in medium density crepe that provides long-term relief of chronic foot dysfunction and fatigue.
  • Shell: Polypropylene
  • Posting: Crepe combined with a RF post
  • Covers: 1/8" Plastazote™/1/16" Poron™, and Cambrelle™