Soft Touch
Patient Profile - This device is designed for retirement-age to geriatric patients who are sedentary to moderately active. It is best for patients who may be sensitive to a more rigid device. A flexible shoe with moderate to high volume is recommended when wearing the Soft Touch. Patients weighing over 180 lbs should get this device with an arch reinforcement under the shell.
Foot Type - The Soft Touch accommodates high or medium arch feet with normal to loose subtalar joints. It is best used on mildly restricted to normal midtarsal joints accompanied by semi-rigid or rigid first ray function.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Soft Touch is characterized by its standard low-density, rearfoot post that is applied to a less controlling shell. Subtalar compensation can be moderately controlled with a low-density rearfoot post. The Soft Touch offers geriatric patients less aggressive control over movement who may have some limitation of movement.
  • Shell: Polyethylene
  • Posting: EVA
  • Covers: Vinyl/1/8" Poron™