Patient Profile - This device is made for patients of all ages who are moderately to extremely active. Different sports or specific athletic activities can be addressed with modifications to the positive cast or orthotic shell of this device. Patients weighing 200 lbs or more should get devices with an arch reinforcement under the shell. This device is designed to fit best in athletic shoes.
Foot Type - The Proformer is designed for all types of arches with loose to mildly restricted rearfoot ranges of motion, or very tight to extremely loose forefoot flexibility. Patients with forefoot malalignment problems will benefit from this device.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Proformer offers the widest range of control available from a semi-rigid device. Its thickness can be adjusted or augmented for any weight class or activity level.
  • Shell: High-density polypropylene
  • Posting: High-density crepe rubber
  • Covers: Vinyl