Patient Profile - This device is made to help neurologically impaired, or maligned orthopedic patients, whose foot structure and dysfunction are contributing to ambulatory instability. It is designed for pediatric patients weighing 20-70 lbs, and should be used in high volume shoes.
Foot Type - The Pediatric is best suited for flat to medium arch feet with flaccid to normal ranges of motion. A patient with a splayed forefoot, everted calcaneal stance, medially protruding navicular, or other deviations associated with excessive subtalar joint compensation and related midtarsal collapse, should consider this device.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Pediatric is characterized by high medial and lateral flanges, combined with a very close, deep heel seat contour, that gives optimum tissue compression and stabilization. Its rigid rearfoot posting redirects ground reactive forces and corrects rearfoot to leg mechanics for improved weight bearing alignment.
  • Shell: Subortholene™
  • Posting: A rigid polyplastic rearfoot post is standard
  • Cover: Leather