P.B.O. (Precision Biomechanics Orthotic) Lite
Patient Profile - This device is designed for any age patient where shoe volume are a concern. It is good for moderately active patients who wear tight fitting shoes during specific activities. This device will work well for young children all the way to elderly patients, weighing 80 lbs or more.
Foot Type - The PBO Lite is best for wide, fleshy feet with low to medium arches. High arch feet can fit the device within certain shoes, preferably those with lacing.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The PBO Lite is thinned at the heel contact point and along the lateral column to facilitate shoe fit. Positive cast modifications are applied to relax the shape of the heel seat and longitudinal arch contour. The full width shell of this device provides moderate midtarsal joint control.
  • Shell: Co-polymer/medium-density crepe
  • Posting: Medium-density crepe FF and RF post
  • Covers: Vinyl