P.B.O. (Precision Biomechanics Orthotic)
Patient Profile - This device is made for preadolescent to geriatric patients weighing 50 lbs or more. It is suited for sedentary to very active patients, and accommodates most shoe types with the exception of shoes with low volume.
Foot Type - The P.B.O. is best for flat, low, medium, and high arch feet with a very loose to mildly restricted range of motion in both the forefoot and the rearfoot. This device is particularly good for patients with chronically tight or otherwise restricted ankle dorsiflexion.
Biomechanical Characteristics - Starting with a thin shell, the rigidity of the P.B.O. can be adjusted according to the amount of material filled between the arch and the shoe. It can be made very flexible or semi-rigid according to each application and need for control.
  • Shell: Copolymer/Medium density crepe
  • Posting: Medium density crepe combined with a rearfoot post
  • Covers: Vinyl