Leather Mold
Patient Profile - This device will accommodate any age patient, but is generally best for middle age to geriatric patients where hard plastic devices are a concern. Patients weighing 100-200 lbs are best suited to this device, but will get limited term use before the mild shape changes. The Leather Mold should not be used on patients whose feet uncommonly perspire.
Foot Type - The Leather Mold is designed for low to high arch feet. Patients with sensitive feet, or those apprehensive about felling something in the arch, will find this device comfortable.
Biomechanical Characteristics - Flexible, like soft-shell devices, the Leather Mold is characterized by its thermo-cork fill material that is malleable and provides minimal to moderate midtarsal joint control under light to moderate body weight. Posting control is not recommended on this device, as any precision in shape will distort easily under load over time.
  • Shell: Leather with thermo-cork
  • Posting: Plantar surface arch fill with RF post
  • Covers: Glove leather