Heel P.A.D.
Patient Profile - Any age patient with heel spurs or inferior calcaneal bursitis will feel the benefits of this device. Generally adult to retirement-age patients, who present with more prominent heel spurs, find the Heel P.A.D. best suited for them. Sedentary to active patients of any weight are usually responsive. This device is recommended for high volume shoes due to the depth of the heel seat.
Foot Type - This device is best for high, medium, or low-arch feet with recurring heel pain and excessively stretched plantar fascia due to midtarsal compensation during loading response through midstance, independent of, or in combination with, subtalar joint compensation.
Biomechanical Characteristics - Anyone who has been unresponsive to injections or other heel spur therapy often will respond to the massage-like action provided by the very deep, flexible heel seat characteristics of the Heel P.A.D. With this device, each time the heel contacts and leaves the ground, plantar fat pad is gently squeezed and released around the calcaneus, offering dynamic stimulation of the hells fat pad.
  • Shell: 1mm Subortholene™
  • Posting: EVA
  • Covers: Vinyl