Fashion T.M.C.
Patient Profile - The Fashion TMC is available for all ages, but recommended for adults. Fashion conscious patients or anyone who wants to wear high heel shoes (2" high or greater) will find this device fitting for them. This device is made for patients weighing 100-220 lbs.
Foot Type - The Fashion TMC is made to accommodate low to medium arch feet. This device is designed to maintain moderate to aggressive midtarsal joint integrity for an elongated midstance, secondary to high heel shoes.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Fashion TMC, like the Fashion Flex, is characterized by its narrowed forefoot, and the absence of any heel contour, which makes fitting to high heel shoes easy and comfortable. The heel area is non-contouring (flattened) and is modified to match the pitch of the shoe. Unlike the Fashion Flex it is more controlling over midtarsal joint compensation.
  • Shell: Woven fiberglass/thermo-active acrylic resin
  • Posting: Intrinsic FF post
  • Covers: Vinyl/1/16" Poron™