Fashion Fit
Patient Profile - The Fashion Fit is recommended for anyone who has difficult finding shoes with enough volume. This device accommodates sedentary to highly active patients.
Foot Type - The Fashion Fit is best for wide, fleshy feet with low to medium arches. High arch and/or narrow feet can fit the device within specific shoes.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Fashion Fit is characterized by its rigidity, flexibility, and shape that can be easily altered to adapt to any low volume shoe. Its heel seat is narrowed and ground very thin at the contact point. This characteristic can be modified for additional cupping when needed. The lateral border on this device is cut out between the calcaneal/cuboid joint and fifth metatarsal head to facilitate shoe fit. The forefoot should not be posted extrinsically more than four degrees in order to accommodate most shoes. An intrinsic forefoot post will have a minimal affect. Although this device is usually less rigid than conventional devices, it offers functional control in footgear with low bulk.
  • Shell: Subortholene™/medium-density crepe
  • Posting: Medium-density FF and RF post
  • Covers: Vinyl/1/16" Poron™