Patient Profile - This device is good for any age patient, of any weight, who leads a sedentary lifestyle. It suites the needs of patients who require very soft padding, who may be intolerant of orthoses with harder plastic shells, or who are at risk for diabetic neuropathy, whether or not their feet have sensation. This device is recommended for high volume shoes.
Foot Type - This device is best suited for feet that would feel the benefits of the Diabetics cushioning effect, such as any foot at risk of ulceration. Patients with rigid feet usually respond more favorably to this device.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Diabetic is characterized by molded EVA over Crepe with a plantar surface arch fill that provides an even dispersement of body weight, and a top layer of blue Plastazote™ that shapes to irregular contours. Posting to control motion is not recommended on the Diabetic, as the softer materials cannot resist forces generated during gait. This device is excellent for padding around lesions or bony prominences.
  • Shell: EVA/Crepe
  • Posting: Not available
  • Covers: 1/8" Plastazote™