Patient Profile - Cyclists appreciate the lightweight, close contouring fit of this device. Increased contact surface area under the foot stabilizes the midtarsal joint, which influences sagital plane knee alignment, an important factor in efficient cycling.
Foot Type - Forefoot varus or valgus feet are best for the Cycling device. Feet with compensatory ranges of motion in the midtarsal joint on standing also respond well to this device.
Biomechanical Characteristics - A forefoot varus (or valgus) wedge to the sulcus is added to the Cycling to reposition the foot in the shoe, over the pedal. Corrective posturing of a foot over the pedal ensures efficient force transfer during down stroke phase, or while a rider is off the seat.
  • Shell: Plastazote™
  • Posting: 2° extrinsic FF wedge unitized into Plastazote™ along with RF posting
  • Covers: Cambrelle™