Comfort Zone
Patient Profile - This device is made for retirement-age to sedentary geriatric patients weighing 100-170 lbs. This device best accommodates light occupational and recreational activity in moderate to high volume shoes.
Foot Type - The Comfort Zone is best for low to high arch feet with restricted to very restricted range of motion in either, or both, the rearfoot and forefoot. This device is best suited for feet with a minimal or diminished plantar fat pad.
Biomechanical Characteristics - This is a very flexible and accommodating device and therefore offers little or no mechanical control. The Comfort Zone does, however, offer excellent shock absorption, which is provided by its Poron foam filler under the shell. Additional cushioning and balancing for plantar lesions and fat pads for weight disbursements may be added to this device for further accommodation.
  • Shell: Polyethylene/Poron™
  • Posting: Not available
  • Covers: Vinyl/1/8" Poron™