Patient Profile - This device is designed for anyone who is routinely involved in activities where their foot impacts the ground from rearfoot to forefoot, or in a foot flat position, during loading response. Retirement-age patients and older patients respond well in this device, as they would appreciate its greater flexibility.
Foot Type - The Aerobic-Jumper is best suited to high arch and forefoot valgus feet. Tight feet or feet with limited ranges of motion also respond well to this device.
Biomechanical Characteristics - The Aerobic-Jumper is designed to accommodate the unique stress placed over a foot during jumping movements as the load moves across the shell from the forefoot to the rearfoot during initial contact phase. With this device impact shock is significantly reduced during initial contact.
  • Shell: Co-polymer reinforced with medium-density crepe
  • Posting: Medium-density crepe combined with a RF post
  • Covers: 1/16" Poron™/Vinyl