Orthotic Technician - Full Time

7:00am – 3:30pm / Monday – Friday

Job involves fabrication-assembly of orthotic appliances for use in shoes by patients of physical medicine professionals.

Job duties include:

Eye to hand work with grinders, buffing wheel and scissors to shape plastic, rubber compounds, vinyl and other similar materials.
Use brush to spread contact cement, used to bond component materials to individual plastic pieces using contact cement.
Shape by hand product pieces using grinding machine, according to specific instructions per each piece.
Polish product pieces on a buffing wheel before further processing.
Bond specified covering materials and trim as indicated on order processing form.

Successful applicant will be able to:

Demonstrate eye to hand coordination, with the ability to place, size, adhere, shape and/or form materials together according to written instructions.
Demonstrate ability to use competently: floor standing grinding machine with six inch cylinder, 4” wide belt, bench mounted polishing wheel, scissors, utility knife, hand grinding tool, drill press and toaster oven in fabrication of orthotic appliances.
Clean and maintain work station regularly.
Comply with and operate within the company specified safety standards.
Perform other duties in the production department as needed.
Stand for full shift and walk for intermittent periods of time in a warehouse environment.
Lift and control 70lbs, climb a ladder, stoop, squat, handwrite legibly.
Read and speak English sufficiently to understand spoken instructions during training.
Comprehend and convert written instructions (in English) into product specific components and operate within company systems.
Demonstrate general math knowledge.
Arrive to work on time, on a regular schedule.
Work in the U.S. legally.

Prior experience not required.

$12.00 hourly (increased rate with demonstrated skill level) +benefits:
Medical HMO Plan, Dental Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Personal Time Off, Simple IRA and Credit Union are available to Regular Full Time employees.

Apply in person:
20509 Earlgate St., Walnut, CA 91789

Fax resume: 909-595-8742

Email resume to: scott@biomechanical.com