Con. Ed. Course - Grinders & Glue

Grinders & Glue is a clinical course intended to help improve your knowledge and application of orthotic therapy. Effective procedures for ordering foot orthoses, managing the orthotic patient and trouble shooting orthotic devices is presented.

A reliable strategy is presented for selecting device types and determining posting angles, including discussions as to how to answer patient questions and concerns. Workshops provide hands-on application and modification of orthotic components, designed to expose participants to actual processes that would improve communications with the laboratory. Procedures for clinical fabrication of temporary devices and adjusting durable foot orthoses are explored.

Following the course, you will be confident in selecting appropriate orthotic devices and establishing effective posting strategies. You will be conversant in materials used and knowledgeable of fabrication techniques. You will be able to better instruct the laboratory or personally apply appropriate clinical adjustments to orthotics.

This is a practical presentation. Your expertise in prescribing orthotic therapy will definitely improve. Making decisions on the best modifications to your patients' devices will be less difficult. Beneficial results will be easier to achieve.

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