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We offer this plan in two distinct options:

First Option:

The patient purchases the plan directly from the laboratory when their first orthotic order is initiated. A purple brochure/enrollment form is available for you to give to your patients. It explains the program and provides cost information for a three (3) pair or five (5) pair plan. This program is designed for those patient's families who may be likely to change residences and unable to return to the same health care provider for each new pair of orthotics.

Second Option:

An excellent way to develop a long term relationship with your patient and their family, in which you have the option of purchasing the program for your patients at our fixed fee. The coupons will be issued to you with the patient's name referenced and sent to your office. A blue brochure/enrollment form explaining the program is available for you to give to your patients. It does not have pricing listed. The pricing for each plan is for you to determine, so other features can be added or modified.

If his is the preferred option, we strongly recommend you offer your patient's parents a commensurate fee schedule that provides a savings benefit for long term orthotic therapy.

With either option, a check or credit card authorization must accompany the first order. Coupons will be issued to the purchaser of the plan, with the patient's name on them, and are sent separate of the initial order.

A new pair of negative impression casts must accompany any coupon redeemed for a pair of orthotics.

This program is not transferable between patients. The coupons identify a specific patient and may be redeemed anytime before their eighteenth birthday for any devices selected by a licensed health care provider.

Each new order of orthotics is covered by our standard four-month warranty. Patients may additionally purchase our Extended Warranty or Service Agreement for orthoses that they receive under the Pediatric Plan.

Please contact customer service to order your free Pediatric Program brochures with enrollment forms for your waiting room or office display. Ask our staff any questions you may have about the program. We are enthusiastic about developing an extended relationship with you and those patients who would get maximum benefit from a Pediatric Program in Orthotic Therapy.

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